Signal Processing

Why choose ViaTech?

Many sensor companies are currently using some simple signal processing techniques like filtering in their products. But what can be achieved with modern advance signal processing techniques is not so well-known to many. Thus, many adopt a more costly but reliable traditional solutions.
In ViaTech, we intend to reduce the risk for our customers and give them a chance to test their problem against the power of signal processing. We are offering our customers a fix rate feasibility study which you only pay if and only if the result of the study is positive! Yes, that means the feasibility study is completely free of charge if we find out that we cannot help you with your problem. In addition, the cost to you is fixed regardless of how many hours we needed for the feasibility study! If you are interested, please send us an email using the contact page and we will contact you as soon as possible.


What is signal processing?

Signal processing deals with analysis of signals and its aim is to extract the needed information from a mixture of noise and data. The source for the signal of interest can be sound, images, time-varying measurement values and sensor data, etc.
With proliferation of sensors and computer over past two decades, signal processing has found applications in many fields such as communication, material science, nano technology, biotech and more.

Why do you need signal processing?

Improving accuracy: Signal processing can be used to filter out the noise and other unwanted signals, resulting in an improved accuracy of your system with no hardware changes. For instance, if you have a measurement or sensing system which requires higher accuracy for your new application, it is often very costly to buy a new measurement system or develop a new sensor. In such cases, signal processing solutions can often be implemented at much lower costs.
New applications: It is very crucial for any company to find new markets for their products. Companies who have a sensing system often seek to advance and expand by finding new applications for their systems. There are several techniques in signal processing such as feature extractions or model based filtering that are well-suited for evaluating the possibility to adapt a system to a new application. This lowers the cost significantly and speeds up the development process.

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